Easter Fun

Easter is just that much more amazing when you have a kid. And I’m sure it will only continue to get that much more so as Chazz grows up to enjoy all of the reasons to celebrate.

Roman and I helped Chazz run around to find eggs, and even hid a few of his own in the seat of the tricycle. He was a lot more into the whole thing this year, and I think he got the idea of egg = fun. Although I don’t think he appreciated the candy as much. Chazz tried a piece of jelly bean, but I think he much prefered them for the maraca-like sound they made in the plastic eggs than the sugary goodness inside.

He shook eggs around all afternoon, enjoying all the sunshine that finally decided to show up around here! And we enjoyed snapping some pictures of our big little monster having a blast.

What's in here??

See that long hair? Love it.

My Boys

Mama's Little Man

I hope you all had a nice Easter as well!


The Little Things

Wednesdays pretty much rock for one and-a-half reasons.

I get the day off WOOHOO! and Chazz is with Emily The Sitter for a half-day.

I have a few hours by myself to run errands, pay bills, and clean house.

You know, things that would normally require you to drive/run around in circles, get in and out of the car a dozen times, and be in the general {rude} public. All things that aren’t so joyous or easily done when you have a trouble fun -loving toddler in tow. Entertaining, however, not productive.

And sometimes (okay, so far twice…), if I get all my stuff done like a good house wifey, I have a little spare time to do ::GASP!::

A couple weeks ago, I stopped at the park and took a few pictures.

Pertty snow.

Silly me, I was practicing with my new Canon, and had zoomed so far in, I didn’t see that the creeper herd of ducks was trying to surround me. And I wasn’t sticking around long enough for them to realize I wasn’t there to give them bread…

They seem like sweet ducks, at first...

Great, they're after me.

And this week? I decided to play it safe. Somewhere without bread crazed water fowl. And warm.

Retail Therapy.

I hit a few thrift stores to see what goodies I could find. =] And [maybe] I went to JoAnn’s, but “only for some inspiration.”

And boy, the goodies I found.

Feelin' a little spring-y!

Who couldn’t love the super funky vase. For $1.00 (A FREAKING DOLLAR, PEOPLE! love it!) This mustard yellow chunky bracelet was my first find. And when I [maybe] swung by JoAnn’s, I spotted that printed canvas wall art, and HAD to have it. At 60% off, I think it was a good deal.

Total Spent: $3.50

And while I was [maybe] at JoAnn’s, I got some fun ribbons and trinkets to try my hand at making hair clips. Really, I just saw the ribbon and had to create a spur of the moment craft to justify buying it, but hey.

Feelin' a little crafty!

Total Spent: $8.ISH

I did get a little something to indulge my domestic side.

because it just makes my heart smile 😛

Is this not the cutest oven mit? I love the bright lime, and obviously I was digging floral that day. Too bad it won’t stay that way forever! :]

Oh, and my other good find? (I’ll spare you pictures.) An unopened box of Huggies for $3. Say what?! Of all the cool things I found, this is what made my day, lol. I couldn’t believe it. Pretty much saved myself $20 and the gas to Target.

It’s the little things in life!

Quote Of The Moment

“Everything is ok in the end. If it’s not ok, then it’s not the end.”

– ? ? ?

Not yet certain of who *really* said it. When I googled it I got John Lennon, Jimmy Hendrix, and Patrick Star from Spongebob. I think I’m leaning towards Lennon.

And a picture collage I made at work. Shh! “-) It also happens to be my new background. on everything.

I just luv him ❤ ❤
(top left to right) Chazz on the forklift. A dose of sunshine at the park. Playing in the front seat with Mom. A cute face while on a walk.

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Wordless Wednesday: Happy Toddlerhood

The GiggleButt enjoying toddlerhood.

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You Can Call, But…

We just haven’t been around! The weather around here finally decided to stay nice (besides a freak hail storm last week.) Our summer is really picking up.

The nice weather couldn’t have come at a better time. Chazz is becoming more and more mobile, and gets pretty antsy. What better than some fresh air and sunshine?!

We go on stroller walks around town or the bike path… Picnics at the park… Sit by the river…

Window shop… We Hit the Farmer’s Market, Art in the Park, and the weekly street-fest…

We helped with our chuch’s Vacation Bible School… Chazz loved the hot rod run. {can I have this one please?}

Somedays, we just sit out with a book and some toys on a blanket in the grass.

Anything but be cooped up in the house. : ) And Summer wouldn’t be complete with out a little dirtbiking with Dad!

And we have so many more adventures this summer. The kiddie pool is a must…story time at the library and Music in the Park is still on the list…oh, cherry picking and the local fruit and veggie market too…and go feed the ducks at the park… maybe {MAYBE} a Mommy and Me group. ::bites nails::

Chazz’s First Summer is going to be epic ❤ And pictures, pictures, pictures. Oh my!

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“I’m Gunna Miss That Gummy Smile…”

But you do look so cute! You’re up to 5 teeth now. Wow, that happened fast! Your top two front teeth are peeking through, along with your bottom left front, and the two left of that.

You like testing out your chompers on fingers, my arm, and during feeding time. Ouch!

The irony of it all? I’ll have to put quarters under your pillow someday for these teeth you are biting me with now. Who’s idea was that?!

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What a good Fourth!



And Fotos of my baby boy.
(ok, that last one was a stretch, but I just had to!)

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