“I’m Gunna Miss That Gummy Smile…”

But you do look so cute! You’re up to 5 teeth now. Wow, that happened fast! Your top two front teeth are peeking through, along with your bottom left front, and the two left of that.

You like testing out your chompers on fingers, my arm, and during feeding time. Ouch!

The irony of it all? I’ll have to put quarters under your pillow someday for these teeth you are biting me with now. Who’s idea was that?!

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Today’s Good Finds

I finally got around to returning that dang recalled baby Motrin and Tylenol at Walmart. I had some leftover cash after buying the generic brand, and scored some sweet baby swag for Chazz.

I got the cutest crab onesie from Garanimals. I love that they have some cute singles for 3 bucks! That’s seriously a good deal because Chazz is constantly growing out if things.

It’s about time for a starter sippy, so I picked up this Nuby sippy cup for $3. His very first sippy! It’s got a soft spout for him to nom on for teething times. I shook it around as hard as I could, and no leaks.

And my final steal was a Munchkin mesh feeder for $2. I got it for steamed foods in a couple months, but I discovered a little secret! I slipped a frozen banana slice in it to soothe his tender little gums. Perfect teether!

Overall, I think that it was $8 well spent for my Little Man! And finally, some Tylenol that’s not tainted!!!

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