The Chazz Lately: Edition V

Chazz has been sick this week, so he hasn’t been up to much besides snuggling.

My Sick Lil Man

The poor kid has Croup, which basically means little sleep at night due to a lot of coughing followed by pure exaustion all day. He’s passed out on the couch next to me as I type. After his nap..

The only plus to it all is that I got to stay home with him on Tuesday. We had a nice lazy day at home, watching his favorite music videos and cuddling on the couch. We had a good time, even though he wasn’t feeling par.

The night time coughing fits have been hard on the poor guy, too. He’s up quite a bit, but I’ve found different things to ease his coughing and get him back to sleeping.

If I steam the bathroom, it helps him cough that stuff up easier. I just turn on the shower and let it steam up the room. I use a little Vick’s under his socks and a humidifyer in the room.

And of course I have to be the bad guy and use the nasal aspirator, but it really does help him breathe.

If it is a really bad coughing fit, we hang out in front of the freezer with the door open, and the cold air stops it almost instantly.

I just don’t know how a little guy can cough so much or so hard.
But he sure has been a trooper.

Even though he’s sick, Chazz has still been perfecting his walking skills. He walks more than he crawls, and toddles about from room to room.

Taking A Break

It’s amazing. And scary. And cool.
All at once.

Well except now it looks like Toy’s R Us in every room of our house.
It’s Total Toddler Mayhem!

Speaking of toddler mayhem… One of my favorite moments/pictures EVER this week:
Below is a picture I snapped of Chazz shutting me out of his room. Look ast the mischevious smile! He thinks it is fun to ‘run’ into his room and shut the door. Which is followed by hysterical giggles on both sides.

Until he realizes he is, in fact, shut in and cannot open the door himself.

Monster Boy

But the funny thing is, I open it and take him out or go in, and he does it all over again.
What a quirky little guy!


The Chazz Lately: Edition IV

The FAB Fam has been up to a lot during the past two weeks.

So much, in fact, that I haven’t been able to write, eat, sew, do dishes, shop, ANYTHING! Except run home from work, cuddle with my boys for a few, maybe eat, and pass out. Just in time to do it all over again.

This edition of The Chazz Lately is going to be a little about what we have all been up to!

*SORRY if it’s a little rambl-y. Our water heater’s electrical panel thingy decided to catch on fire this morning, and I’m pretty sure I’m a little loopy on plastic fumes… Moving on…*

For me, work has been busy INSANE. Bridal season is in full force. On top of that, I organized a bridal fashion show for the Expo. AND IT ROCKED! It was so good, in fact, I even got a raise. WOOHOO! And since then, we’ve been flooded with bridal appointments. {I guess watching all those runnway shows on YouTube has really been worth it :-P}

But what really takes the cake is that the 6 major schools in our area all decided to schedule Prom on the same night, which means all 10 billion obnoxious high schoolers are in the shop to be measured and order tux’s. DAILY.

And every question you ask them is answered with “I Don’t Know.” How do you not know what color vest you want??? {Dad, I know I went through that phase and I just want to say I’m sorry and I admire you, because it is utterly annoying, and I don’t yet have that patience. ::scoff::} I haven’t lost it on any of them yet, so we’re doing good.

In short:
This mama is exhausted. Having fun. But exhausting fun.

As for Roman, he is still adjusting to working nights…. It’s a bummer for all of us, but as he says “You gotta do what ya gotta do.”
Isn’t that the truth? 🙂

Roman also had another seizure a couple weeks ago. LAME.

After the first one, the doctors said he would never have another, and now this is the third one and getting more frequent.

Lack of sleep and energy drinks are the only common things we’ve found so far, so I’ve cut him off from all things caffeine. And he’s been better about sleeping during the day.

On the funner side of things, Roman talked me into getting Kinect for his XBOX. Which at first I thought would be annoying but has really turned out to be fun. It requires you to move around to play the video games and even has educational and workout games. Yay ZUMBA!

We had a little game marathon last night after Chazz went to bed, and wow did I wake up sore.

As for The Chazz Man.
Wow, he has turned into quite a little man the last few weeks.

He walks all around.
Carrying stuff. Big stuff!
He sorts laundry for me. (Ok more like un-sorts, but the help is still appreciated.)
Chazz prefers to feed himself now.
In fact, he wants to do most anything himself. Remember in the last edition I talked about him turning the page by himself? Well times that by 10 because he won’t even let me sit next to him and read the words to him… He is on a little bit of an independence streak!
Even nap time has become less of a battle.

As it turnes out, he IS my kid and just loves technology… I don’t dare pull out my laptop infront of the kid or he is hot on my tail. Or should I say lap?
He’s even figured out how to delete apps off of my Ipod when nobody is looking.

The Future of Apple, In His Hands

As far as his child care goes: He is doing so good! I drop him off with no tears (on both ends) and when I pick him up, he is a happy little clam. He is usually playing away, not even noticing I’m there.

And we’re pretty sure he said her name the other day at breakfast. I asked if he was ready to go hang out with Emily and he mumbled something like “Emily” and then yelled “YA!!”
It makes it a little easier knowing he likes her too.

When we get home, he turns into a little cuddle bug though. Which we love, because for a while there I never thought he would sit still long enought to cuddle with me ever again. I’m soaking up all of these cuddle moments that I can. One day he’ll be a teenager and I might not even get hugs.

Here are my guys, cuddling away:

The Guys Snuggling

What a crazy, fast, exhausting last few weeks! Hopefully we will all settle into this new routine… I think we’ve all been feeling out of our element.

And since I got a new laptop (Thanks Mom and Dad!) and a pretty new Canon DSLR camera (Thanks Income tax credit!) you can bet on lots of fun posts and prettyful pictures. I’m addicted to clicking away, I even pulled it out during breakfast at IHOP today to snap a few quick ones of Chazz being a turkey.

Syrup Is the New Hair Gel

Until next week! {we hope 🙂 }

The Chazz Lately: Edition III

So what has Mr. Chazz been up to this week?

Well besides the usual trouble-making like climbing the TV stand and keeping the dogs fed (very well!), Chazz has been learning in leaps and bounds!

It is crazy how his mind is like a sponge! Here is what has amazed me this week about Chazz:

•True Toddlerhood
Chazz has been toddling like a pro this week. He went from taking 5 steps at a time to 10, and now he gets from room to room by cruising from couch to clock to wall to, well you get it.

•Very True Toddlerhood
Chazz loves to throw tantrums these days by crumbling to the ground and bonking his head on the wood floors repetedly.
It can be quite frustrating because it looks like it could hurt and my first response is always to want to pick him up and cuddle.

But also makes me do this nervous-laugh. It’s SO DRAMATIC and I am sooo not. Toddlers are dramatics, y’all!

•Chazz has also taken up throwing when he is upset. He throws spoons, cups, candles…. ahhh yes. A thrower. He looks at you right after to make sure he has gotten the point across.

I’m teaching him a few more signs that might help him communicate more and ease some of that frustration.

•Skills, Mad Skills
This kid is getting so smart! He “walks” me around the house, just holding on to one of my hands for balance. He’s really starting to get this walking thing.

This past week, he went from taking 5 steps at a time to 10. And now he attempts to walk anytime he can.

But yesterday around naptime, he walked me right into the bedroom and over to his bed. Wow!

So I put Chazz down right then and there for his nap. And he was out like a light. (For a little bit anyways!)

Toddlerhood is a funny time. Challenging, but full of laughs. Chazz knows just how to make us laugh.

He has taken to hiding food (mostly Kix cereal) in his diaper. While a little icky, it’s also a little bit funny to pull him out of his highchair and see Kix trickling out of a half open diaper.

We like to joke that he’s saving it for later. Or stuffing his diaper 🙂

•Hit And Run!
Chazz made me laugh so hard I snorted last week.

He was pushing around the car that helps him walk around when Roman came around the corner, and Chazz “sped up” and steered straight to his Daddy, as if to run him over. Then he “drove off” maniacally laughing, as if it were the funniest thing ever.

Little Crazy Butt!

So Chazz Man has been quite the funny man this week (although a tad bit dramatic at times!), a super-learner, and is somewhat becoming a better communicator.

Oh my! What a good week in toddlerhood.

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The Chazz Lately: Edition II

What a busy week for Chazz. Our Little Smartie-Pants. Oh my, he is only getting more and more clever! This past week, especially, Chazz’s brain seems to be sponging up whatever it can.

From signing like a pro to climbing EVERYTHING, he is really growing in the brain department.

So this week’s The Chazz Lately will be all about his royal smartness. ❤

Chazz Man also turned 14 Months
on the 14th. How is that?!? Didn’t we just bring bring him home from the hospital?

•Chazz is really using that sign language! Way back when we first started showing Chazz a few signs, we didn’t know just how effective it was going to be! Chazz only knows a few signs, like Milk, Mom & Dad, and Eat, but it sure makes communicating that much easier. When he wants milk? He can sign it rather than get frustrated.

And the look on his face when you understand him is priceless. He loves that he can ask and recieve, and we get him.

We really need to teach him a few more so he can keep going! Especially since TALKING English doesn’t really seem to be a top priority for him, he much prefers Chazz-ese.

•Last Wednesday Chazz started turning the pages of his books all by himself. He flipped through books all hy himself, and wasn’t letting me help AT ALL! If I tried to, he would close the book and start all over. Ahh, yes he is so my child!

He even has a few favorite books. The first is a book he has has since birth, called I Am A Bunny. The illustrations are all done by Richard Scarry, and we both love the pictures. Chazz points at the bunny as he goes through the seasons.

His other favorite book is one of those pop-up musical types. Chazz has already ripped off a window and nommed on a cat’s ear, but he just loves it. He tries to “read” Twinkle Twinkle Little Star before bed and listen to the lullaby. He points at the twinkling star on the last page.

•Speaking of a smartie-pants: if I move something Chazz isn’t supposed to have, he no longer just forgets it an moves on. Oh no. Now it is a challenge for him. Either a duel, to scream his head off in hopes of us giving in. Or an adventure, where he must find a way to climb up however high to get it. {And give his poor Mama a heart attack.}

What a smart little tyrant. 😀

•Today, I told Chazz what a cute nose he had, and he pointed to his nose! {and like a typical boy, tried to pick it :-)} He also points to his lips and eyes when you ask him to. Well, most of the time!

I don’t even when he could pick that up. I don’t remember sitting down and point them all out. But it doesn’t matter, he is a quick learner on his own!

Maybe all those times I’m telling to stop poking my eyes!??

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