Another Successful Appointment

So after all of last night’s venting? Chazz’s doctors appointment was easy-peasy!

There were no shots, no bloodwork, and no tears. Which is a success in my book.

The purpose of the appt was to check on his weight, since he is such a little man. And we will be seeing them every two months until he makes some ground in the growth department.

The good news is HE DID GAIN WEIGHT!! Chazz weighed in at 18 pounds 11 ounces and 29 1/4 inches tall. {Yes, we are counting any extra ounces or inches we can!} And his head measures right on, as usual.

Roman an I managed to throw together a last-minute list of questions. His pedi had a lot of extra time to answer them, which helped put our minds at ease a little.

Chazz won’t be needing tubes in his ears due to those back to back ear infections a while back as they thought. His ears looked great. Success!

As far as growth, Chazz isn’t leveling out on the growth chart, which is good. He is continuing right along the same curve (between the 1st and 2nd %ile).

Ideally, we want to see him at 4%-5% by two. So we have a lot of headway to make, but I think we can do it.

We also are not going to start him on any growth hormones unless he starts leveling out on the growth chart.

We are going to take Chazz to see the Pediatric Endocrinologist in Seattle if he doesn’t make some headway by the next check-up in two months. Just to be sure that his pituitary gland is producing enough of other hormones as well.


I don’t want to do that, because it frankly is scary and pretty much involves pushing him to the point of being hypoglycemic and testing his levels over a three day hospital stay.

It sounds rough, and I don’t want my baby to go through that.

So we have the next two months to get some chunk on this kid!

But as his doctor said, it looks like he is holding ground, so there is a lot in our favor. And the way Chazz has been eating, I think it will all work out.

So after all my worries, the appt went just fine, we got good news, and all our questions were answered.

Oh, and I made his next appointment in the afternoon. So no more early morning doctor dates from now on!
(really, what was I thinking?!)

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Effing Eff. And Blood Work

Chazz’s blood work came back. Not normal. Low levels of growth hormone. Which would help explain why he’s in the 2nd percentile.

They’re going to “keep tabs.”

(Gee, fucking thanks.)

I don’t know what this means. For him. For us. For anything.

All I know is that I don’t want to talk about it. Or deal with anymore of this Optic Nerve Hypoplasia bullshit.

For now, it’s just snuggle time with my handsome little peanut. My pen and notebook to vent. And a nice bottle of wine Roman picked up for me.

Oh, and a pillow. To scream into. And possible smother myself in… I don’t know yet.

*Sorry for the fowl language. I try not to swear in public. Tonight? I just don’t care anymore.*