Squeeze The Lemons And Hand Me The Vodka

12:34pm From The Car

Half an hour until court, and I am one bundle of nerves. I’m normally so confident. But right now? You’d think I was facing death row or something.
My tummy is a huge knot. And all sorts of bubbly. Not good.

I know this shouldn’t be a big deal. It really isn’t. But I’m worried about if we don’t win. Will they take my dog away? Where will we get the money to pay the vet bill AND the court fees? With Roman being laid off and Chazz’s medical bills, even with pinching every penny, we still don’t break even most months.

Worry worry worry. Aaagh! But it will be okay. And over!

“It will be okay in the end. If it’s not ok, it’s not the end.”

Man I love that quote.

I just hope it will go our way. And it will truly be The End.


3:40 From My Comfy Chair

Well. It’s over. We lost. But… I’m alive! And it’s over!

I won’t bore you with lamesauce details, but basically we said we would pay the vet bill, and still have to.

In order to get our deposit back, we have to file a seperate claim (or had filed a counter claim) to sue for our deposit.

Which at this point I don’t even wanna bother! All of that extra time and effort would be best used with Chazz Man.

And it’s over and done with {whew!} and the stress of it all can just go away with it!


Now where’s my lemonaid??


So. Tomorrow I’m Being Sued…


::throws confetti::

Not something people are ordinarily excited about, I know. But I’m just happy it will all be over with and our 2010 can officially come to a close.

It’s no big deal, really. You know, just your typical small claims, my-dog-bit-my-EX-landlord’s-ankle-biter-rat-dog ordeal.

Buy I’m done worrying about it. D.O.N.E. y’all.

I’m just going to use it as a tool to teach myself to take things a little less seriously. Because I kinda have a habit of taking things way WAY too seriously!

Like my friend says, “They can’t take your birthday away!”

Which is really a comforting thought when you think about it.
(Can you imagine? O_o )

Just so you know (and don’t think I’m a horrible person) *my* dog was on a leash, I offered to pay the vet bill (and still would), and I’m only slightly “dogist” towards little dogs. “-)

But after we moved out (because it was Awkward with a capital “A”), they kept my $600 deposit fo’ no reason. No reason, people!

Coincidence?? I think not!!!

I felt/still feel a tad slighted.

And since I am the hard-headed “oh no he di’nt!” crazy woman that I am. I have not paid the vet bill I probably should have paid back in, oh, August….


How’s that for leading by example? Way to go, Mom of the Year, I know. Do I get a sticker?

But at least I can admit when I’m in the wrong. And offer to fix it. Now I just have to get them to admit it too so I feel better can get my deposit back.

And maybe pay the vet bill.

And move on with life. And 2011.

So this year?

I’m taking the abundance of lemons life loves to throw at us and making some vodka and lemonade.

And wish us some luck?

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